Making Plans a Perfect January Pastime

Remember when you were in elementary school, and you mastered reading? It opened up a whole new world, right?

When Niagara businesses expand using new ideas and technology, it’s a bit like that – a whole new world of client partners and available services opens up – benefitting both the business and the community it serves.

At Borderline Shepco (Borderline Systems Niagara Inc.), January is a perfect time for making plans to expand on something really, really great for the Niagara Region we serve.

There’s no secret about what that might be … we are a storage facility, after all!

We are moving forward with a plan that involves creating more space for some of our existing client partners and their product, but how that might evolve is still a work in progress.

Following the rush at holiday time, our expert teams now have a chance to complete research and discuss ideas with industry professionals.

New information has come to light that affects how some of our client partners’ products are stored. We are applying this research to our existing facility, and planning for the future.

January is a great time to do this! A general slowdown in retail needs allows us to tweak our own business practices, and improve where we can.

Since each of our departments has staff members whose education and natural abilities make them innately curious about the world, we’re using this general slowdown to give our family of staff time to share their own ideas about our plans.

At Borderline, it’s these very people who make our business run so smoothly! We welcome, and appreciate all their assistance … and we’re not shy about telling them so!

The year in front of us is shaping up to be just as successful and satisfying for our family of staff and clients as was 2018. Perhaps even more so!

So, as soon as we have ironed out all the details, we’ll post the good news!

For now, we are like that elementary school student who just learned to read: Our future just got very, very bright!


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