Expert staff the key to navigating maze-like trade arenas

Nobody ever said doing business in an international market would be easy. At Shepco Warehouse Services (a division of Borderline Systems Niagara Inc.), we have developed ways to cope with new trade laws, making it easier to follow international rules and regulations.

And trust us: Every year, those rules and regulations, and the tariff programs that change for nations around the world and especially in North America, affect how Canadian businesses operate.

Forklift with boxes on pallet

Our Borderline Shepco family of staff is filled with people who are really good at what they do. Like most families, each of us has different strengths that we bring to our business. Among our staff, there are some folks who specialize in staying on top of changes to trade laws, tariffs and regulations, both domestic and international. Then, they teach the rest of us how to handle those changes, putting all departments on the same page as it applies to daily operations.

At Borderline Shepco, we love doing business in Canada: We love the rush we get from representing another Canadian success story; we love the joy we feel when we get orders to send Canadian goods to stores like Home Depot or Walmart – it means our Canadian goods are succeeding amongst competition with other manufacturers!

We love it when we show our family of clients that we are looking out for their best interests, and helping them successfully navigate the maze that is today’s international trade arena.

Sure, it’s difficult to compete internationally, but it doesn’t stop Borderline Shepco from reaching out to international markets. Remember, our family of staff is really good at what they do!

Currently, Borderline Shepco represents retailers from Canada, the United States, France, Italy and Asia. We also enjoy strong relationships with more than 100 Canadian wineries.

We ship client goods around the world every day, providing our international clients with safe, secure and reliable warehousing and third-party logistics services – a Canadian presence for their own businesses.

Companies like Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon trust us as their e-commerce partners, taking advantage of our pick, pack and fulfillment strategies to ship goods directly to consumers. For our wonderful readers who are not familiar, pick and pack is a service we offer in which we literally pick the specific components required for an order out of a much larger carton, or pallet, and then pack accordingly only those items which are requested to be sent for fulfillment, or shipping.

Our trade experts at Borderline figure that as long as Canadian companies get the support they need from our government to compete internationally, we and other companies just like ours, will continue to look for success in international markets.

From consumer goods to auto parts, to winery supplies and Niagara’s renowned wine – we provide effective warehouse solutions to our clients, taking the challenging markets of domestic and international trade in stride.


Want to know more about Borderline Shepco’s warehousing, packaging and fulfillment systems? Reach us by phone at 905-687-4014, or send us a message via the contact page on our website, HERE.

We’re Shepco Warehouse Services, a division of Borderline Systems Niagara Inc.… where our family of team members has been keeping your family of team members happy, since 1956.