Remember Orbit? Let's get reacquainted!

Sometimes, our Borderline-Shepco team gets so excited about the products in our warehouse, we have to give the company that made them a shout-out.

We have written about this particular company before… but we’ll say it again: Here’s to Orbit!

If you have heard of Orbit, but can’t quite recall what they do, allow our Borderline-Shepco team to reacquaint you!

Orbit is a world leader in irrigation, misting and home-improvement products, all available to homeowners in 40 countries, spanning five continents. Experts in their facilities have earned Orbit worldwide recognition for the company’s systems of product development; design; engineering practices, and their state-of-the-art injection-molding facilities.

Orbit helps homeowners regulate the irrigation of lawns and gardens, through the use of sprinkler systems; drip irrigation products; misting and cooling products and the smart timers that run them all. Heck, this company even makes products for clearing winter’s snow, and for keeping the inside of your home at the perfect temperature via a programmable thermostat!

But the exciting part for homeowners is knowing they are saving money, through the use of Orbit products.

As our Borderline homeowners know, most energy and water systems have different pricing tables from suppliers, depending on the time of day we use them. So, choosing early daytime hours to water our lawns is the smart thing to do, and putting our lawn and garden irrigation systems on timers is even smarter. Who doesn’t love saving money, when it comes to energy and water use? 

Do you have to get up and manually drag out the hose by 5:30 a.m., though?

Nope. If your Orbit irrigation system is regulated by a wifi-enabled timer, like the B-Hyve, you just need to access the app on your smart phone.

Orbit makes saving money so easy! Quite a few Borderline-Shepco team members recently installed irrigation systems on timers, so their lawns and gardens would remain healthy, all summer long. A few also upped their landscape-lighting game, using Orbit products regulated – of course – by smart timers. They chose from Orbit’s lighting line, which includes energy-efficient garden and pathway lighting, timers and motion-sensor equipment, as well.

For most Borderline team members, the name Orbit brings to mind a green lawn and healthy garden, economically watered via the company’s easy-to-install irrigation system, set to operate at off-peak pricing times via its wifi-enabled timer.

That’s what we want you to see, too. Want to know why?

Because, as one team member put it: “We use Orbit products, so keeping our lawn and garden GREEN doesn’t put us in the RED with utilities costs!”

Well said!


Want to know more? Visit Orbit’s website HERE, to see a complete list of the smart irrigation and home-improvement products this company produces.

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