Spotlight On: Bouchard Cooperages

Tradition is like a fine wine. 

From year to year, both age beautifully in their quality. 

As a company operating for three generations, our team at Borderline Shepco is proud to partner with businesses that value tradition as much as we do. And when it comes to supporting the winemakers of Ontario, we work with some of the best.

For more than seven years we’ve worked with Bouchard Cooperages, a company that represents some of the finest wine barrel suppliers in France and the United States. Bouchard Cooperages is known for its innovative approaches to the ever-changing wine industry, which is the result of the passion of its founder and owner Vincent Bouchard. 

Vincent Bouchard lives and breathes all things wine. He is a 9th-generation French winemaker who has maintained vineyards from an early age. Working alongside his father, Bouchard gained a vast knowledge of the winemaking industry and revolutionized it. 

Now living in California’s Napa Valley, Bouchard is one of the first winemakers to bring French oak barrels to the North American market. These barrels have been a mainstay in European winemaking for many years because of the subtle flavours their wood can impart to the wine. Bouchard Cooperages represents several suppliers with their own distinct approach to handcrafting French oak barrels.  

Since 1979, Bouchard Cooperages has also worked to improve the crafting of wine barrels. The company collaborates regularly with both its barrel suppliers and their customers so it can adapt to the shifting needs of the global wine industry. The company’s approach makes for a good partnership with Borderline Shepco because we’re always working to adapt to the changing needs of our clients, too. And we’re honoured to partner with a company that maintains as strong of a commitment to their customers as we do.

This partnership reflects Borderline Shepco’s broader effort to support the growing wine industry in Ontario, now considered the “Napa Valley of the North”. With an estimated economic contribution of $3.5 billion, the Ontario wine industry is a major contributor to the province’s retail market. Our company is uniquely positioned in the heart of Niagara wine country, where we’ve been able to build relationships with over 100 Ontario wineries. 

We work behind the scenes with Bouchard Cooperages to help winemakers do what they do best: make exceptional wines for us to enjoy. This autumn, we’ll provide warehousing for 1,600 oak barrels to be distributed to winemakers in Ontario. It’s just one of the many ways we aim to provide local winemakers with the finest wine suppliers from around the globe. 

And we think that’s worth toasting.


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