Spotlight On: 16 Mile Cellar


As we come together to support Canadian businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, our Borderline team wants to do our part to help. If you follow our updates, you may have noticed that we like to feature our clients and their exceptional products. We are proud of the businesses we partner with and we work hard to support them as they establish themselves in their industries.

One of the businesses we’ve enjoyed watching grow is 16 Mile Cellar, a family-owned winery located near Jordan, Ontario. This small boutique winery has made a big splash in the Niagara wine scene and beyond - and for good reason.

Since 2010, 16 Mile Cellar has garnered a reputation for embracing the authenticity that comes from keeping things simple. This philosophy guides winemaker Morgan Juniper's approach to viticulture. Trained in Australia and France, Juniper embraces a non-interventionist method that trusts nature to lead the process.

With a gentle hand, Juniper and the team at 16 Mile Cellar produce wine that relies on the physical uniqueness of its landscape. The winery is located along the Niagara Escarpment and its namesake, 16 Mile Creek, runs throughout the vineyard. The winery produces two varieties of wine: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with each vineyard divided by the creek.

With 12 acres of grapes, 16 Mile Cellar is passionate about sustainability in every aspect of its business. From composting to producing small-batch, hand-picked wines, the results are truly remarkable. It’s not uncommon for some of their wines to be hand-bottled, which adds a distinctive touch. Not surprisingly, 16 Mile cellar’s wines have captured the attention of critics across Canada.

We’re honoured to work with 16 Mile Cellar to warehouse their wine and winemaking supplies. As a family-owned business too, we appreciate the care and attention that 16 Mile Cellar has for producing quality wines. If you love a good glass of vino, we recommend picking up a bottle of 16 Mile Cellar. You’ll be supporting a small business and, more than that, showing some love to a talented group of winemakers.

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