Client Spotlight: Richell Pet Products

When it comes to pet products, Richell raises the ruff!

Richell is committed to designing products that make customers happy, whether they have two legs or four! As one of Borderline’s newest clients, Richell shares our values to provide the best customer service possible. They are a long-time member of the Borderline family and we’ve been an ongoing support to their customer relations across Canada.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Richell is a major pet products manufacturer known for being an innovator in its industry. Richell supplies more than 70 types of pet products to retailers in Canada including dog kennels, pet and dog gates, playpens, pet furniture, and storage solutions. These products differ from the typical items you see in pet stores. While many pet products are bulky or unattractive, Richell offers something more. From the initial concept to the completed product, Richell marries practicality with aesthetic design. The results are quality-made pet products that look good in your home.

Borderline is Richell’s Canadian distribution centre and our services enable them to expand their reach to retailers and customers. As Richell’s home-away-from-home location, we provide warehousing solutions that safely store their products. Our capable team also provides e-commerce services that include pick and pack fulfillment. We process orders for that go directly to customers and also manage orders and shipping to Canadian pet retailers that offer Richell’s products. Our Borderline team is happy to partner with Richell to bring some of the best products on the market to the homes of busy pet families!

We recommend checking out Richell’s products yourself! The company has done an exceptional job of creating multi-purpose products that are comfortable for your furry friend while keeping your living areas functional. You’ll find pet crates that double as accent tables and storage to keep all of Fido’s toys in one convenient place. They are great solutions for those of us pet owners who regularly trip over stuffed animals or cat toys!

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