Wine Competition Consolidation

Borderline Systems Inc., through and with the assistance of the Wine Council of Ontario, and the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada (DFAIT), gathers, consolidates, and records 1000’s of cases of wine, beer and ciders a year for various competitions and exhibits around the world. These wine consolidations take place every year in February and March everywhere from Hong Kong; Jakarta, Indonesia; Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago; Stockholm, Sweden; Sydney, Australia; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Taipei, Taiwan; Makati City, Philippines; Geneva, Switzerland; Washington, DC; Warsaw, Poland; Addis, Ethiopia; Hanoi, Vietnam; Kabul, Afghanistan: and many other Canadian Embassies….

Borderline safely and securely prepares these cases for shipment through various carriers depending on the final destination. This unique and critical service has gained Borderline a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner, not only to these Government organizations, but to the 100’s of wineries, beer manufacture’s, and sprit producer’s, who take part in these events.