Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions1/ Where are you located?

We are centrally located in the wine country region of Southern Ontario, between the Canada/USA border  and the GTA region of Toronto.

2/ Where do you ship to?

Borderline ships products all across Canada to any place with a postal code, and to all the major retailers DC’s or direct to store.

3/ Can you handle returns?

Borderline acts as “your bricks and mortar’ location in Canada, therefore we  handle all warehousing , shipping, packaging and returns for all of our clients.

4/ Do you ship finished wine to bars, restaurants, and private function locations.

Borderline can store, pick/pack and ship wine anywhere in Ontario. As the laws expand we hope to be able to ship out of province, and into the USA in the future.

5/ Do you work with European winery supply companies?

Borderline has relationships with European and Asian suppliers of wine products such as ;wine barrels, glass wine bottles, wine corks and closures, and corrugated carton suppliers.

We also have relationships with over 100 wineries in Ontario, which makes it easier for suppliers to make contacts.