Lawn Irrigation Tips

Check out these watering tips from one of our biggest clients, Orbit Irrigation.

Tip #1: Drip Water In Flowerbeds Prevents Weeds

Drip watering is great not only because it saves water, but it prevents weeds and keeps your flowerbeds looking clean. By putting water only on the plants (where it’s needed), you prevent ugly weeds from popping up, saving yourself time while saving water.

Tip #2: Water During Early Morning Hours, Before The Sun Is Up

When watering, we want to ensure as much of the water as possible gets to the plants’ roots. This means avoiding runoff, oversaturation and evaporation. For this reason, it’s good to water when the sun is down to prevent evaporation. However, water left sitting on the lawn too long can result in disease and fungus. Watering in the early morning hours, before sunrise, can prevent disease and fungus, while also avoiding evaporation and improving the health of your lawn.

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