A Sugar-Free Name

Borderline has been working with Precidio Design for many years now.

Why did they change their name from Juice in the Box to Drink in the Box ?

.. it’s the SUGAR!
When Precidio set out to create an alternative for parents to reduce the sugar their children were consuming when they hydrate, they wanted to create A BETTER DRINK BOX to replace disposable juice boxes. The natural choice in selecting a name to ensure customers understood their product’s purpose easily, was to call it “Juice in the Box”. Over time however, with feedback from loyal and health-conscious customers, they learned that parents were increasingly associating the word “JUICE” with the word “SUGAR”, and no longer want to encourage kids to drink juice. They agreed so strongly, they have decided to now call their product DRINK IN THE BOX. Same great design, but a new, sugar-free name. Now that is taking customer feedback to the next level!

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