Happy Holidays!

Niagara is rich in diversity.Happy Holidays from Borderline (Shepco)

We have faiths; cultures; traditions and lifestyles representing most of the world’s population. It’s a wonderful place to celebrate all that our diverse communities offer – in different foods; types of worship; language skills; clothing styles and so much more.

At Borderline Shepco, we’re lucky to count our family of staff as diverse like Niagara. We’re a family made up of unique individuals, each one celebrated for his or her skills and abilities.

We learn from one another, and we work together as a family to serve our client partners with honesty, integrity and a drive to succeed.

It has been a fabulous year for us, with new friends found, new skills learned, and new passions discovered … and we hope there’s another one just like it, waiting right around the corner.

So, as the year draws to a close, our Borderline family would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to our client partners for all they have shared with us. 

To all of you, to our family of staff and all of their families, we say thank you – for your own job well done, and for blessing Borderline Shepco with your custom, your wisdom and your friendship.

May your winter celebration bring you the gift of the presence of family and friends, in peaceful gatherings with shared goodwill.

Happy holidays!


Your family of staff at Borderline (Shepco)

Systems Niagara Inc.


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We’re Shepco Warehouse Services, a division of Borderline Systems Niagara Inc. … where our family of team members has been keeping your family of team members happy, since 1956.