Loyalty and the "Golden Rule"

We at Borderline, having been in business in Niagara for over 60 years, believe that loyalty is an earned value based on the fair, respectful treatment of the people who represent our long-term clients. Our business is not the products we sell, nor is it the beautiful, sexy location where the warehouse is located. It is the consistent, reliable, honest, and friendly service that we provide, and our clients have come to expect. Other competitors may offer lower fees, or even some short-term free services to attract business. However, our loyal long term clients rely on the customer service, attention to detail, and the family values of the “Golden Rule” – treat the client the way you would wish to be treated.

Borderline is a cost effective business partner that adds value to our clients’ products. Questions about how we can help your business? Give us a call today 905.687.4014 or contact us here.