Spotlight On: Orbit Irrigation's B-hyve

At Borderline, we’ve been proud partners with Orbit Irrigation for over 16 years, and they still never cease to amaze us!

Orbit is a company that not only adapts to change but embraces it wholeheartedly. As a global leader in irrigation and home improvement products, Orbit’s reputation is synonymous with innovation. While the company is known for creating high-quality solutions for homeowners and contractors, it never rests in improving upon these achievements. This dedication is just one of the many reasons why we enjoy partnering with Orbit to distribute their products across Canada. We both strive to exceed our customers’ expectations!

One of the coolest things about Borderline’s partnership with Orbit is that we have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the company’s products. Recently, we’ve been lucky enough to start warehousing stock for one of our favourites, the B-hyve: A faucet timer that has completely changed how homeowners care for their lawns and gardens.

For many of us, watering the lawn is a guessing game. In the hopes of keeping our lawns green and healthy, we try to determine the best times to water and for how long. And while we hope to get it right, it’s easy to overwater our yards - especially when we forget to turn off the sprinkler! Overwatering can cause lawns to have shallow roots, not to mention an increase in wastewater (and money!).

With the B-hyve, you no longer have to worry about using too much water and damaging your lawn. The B-hyve is an easy-to-install hose timer that helps homeowners optimize the irrigation of their lawns by utilizing smart technology. Using a sensor with Wi-Fi capability, the timer will monitor how much water your lawn receives and send the information to the B-hyve app. With just a simple tap with your phone, you can monitor your water usage and set a watering schedule for your sprinklers, even when you’re not home.

The B-hyve also uses smart technology to analyze local weather and determine how much water your lawn needs. You no longer have to worry about running your sprinklers when it’s raining. This technology makes a big difference in water conservation, something that we all need to be conscious of as both business and home owners these days. Homeowners use an average of 48% less water using the B-hyve timer, a savings that can be seen on both their lawns and their water bills!

Many of our team members installed B-hyve timers and have successfully improved the health of their lawns. We can’t wait to see what Orbit comes up with next!

If you’d like to learn more about Orbit’s innovative B-hyve faucet timer, click HERE.

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