Virtual Wineries

The newest and latest successful ventures in the wine industry are called “Virtual Wineries”. Owners of these businesses are just as committed and dedicated to producing excellent, high quality wines as their counterparts’ who build and operate beautiful high end wineries; some with restaurants, and most with fancy tasting rooms and barrel storage cellars. The common theme between the actual wineries and the virtual wineries is warehousing services. All of these wineries require some or all of the services that a private warehouse provides such as; storage, in/out handling, inventory control, temperature controlled storage for finished wine, pick/pack order fulfillment, co-packing, labelling and pallet preparation for shipping, to remain viable. Borderline has partnered with many fine virtual’s such as Union, Big Head Wines, and Grey Hawk Wines.

If you are looking to start a virtual winery or already have one and are looking for a Canadian address for safe, secure and reliable warehouse and 3rd party logistic services, contact us today! 905.687.4014