The Right to Return

As a consumer, changing your mind happens all the time. As a warehouse, that’s no problem for us! At Borderline, our packing services are designed to make the return process easy for you and your customers. 

With many businesses experiencing an increase in their e-commerce this year, an efficient logistics strategy is more important than ever. Whereas around 9% of products are returned at brick and mortar stores, online shops see a return rate of at least 30%. Returns can be a costly part of operating an e-commerce business. Without the proper logistics to handle product returns, businesses big and small can lose a significant part of their revenue. 

At Borderline, our packaging services allow your customers to simply send products back. We operate as an extension of your company where we prioritize cost-effective solutions and great customer service. Our Borderline team will keep your costs low while still offering the same services that a larger corporation can. 

Let’s take a look at the services Borderline offers to rework your products!

Reverse Logistics

While many businesses get excited about sending out their products to customers, the return process can be less appealing. Returns are more difficult to organize compared to traditional logistics because they are unpredictable. A customer may have purchased the wrong product, or may no longer want the items. Or, your business may experience a recall that prompts several customers to return their products.

Reverse logistics is the overall planning and strategy of how products are returned to you from your customers. This process includes coordinating how and where you’ll receive the returned products, and how they will be stored. Reverse logistics may also include refurbishing or repackaging products to recoup revenue. Or, if you offer a recycling program, reverse logistics will implement the return process and where these products will need to go.


With a warehouse that spans 46,000 square feet, our Borderline team are pros at sorting and organizing products! That’s why our clients trust us when it comes to sorting their products. Our real-time inventory control monitors each product using a unique bar code. We can easily locate items when our clients are making changes to their products, and we’re quick to pull products because of recalls or defects.


If you offer special product selections during different times of the year, our repackaging services can help. For our clients who operate Ontario wineries, we package seasonal and holiday offerings for purchase at the LCBO. This service helps them stay competitive and boost sales. We can also rework existing bundles to better meet the needs and interests of your customers. 


Our clients appreciate knowing that we will look out for their products as if they are our own. One of the ways we do this is by offering inspection services. If you need to respond to a quality control issue, our team can inspect products and pull products from your main inventory.

RGA/RA Processing

One of the key components of having a good reverse logistics process is being able to effectively manage costs. Returns can be expensive, so businesses try to manage this through what’s known as Return Goods Authorization (RGA) or Return Authorization (RA). We work with our clients to process returns, whether this means repairing or replacing the product, or receiving a refund. 

There are many moving parts with returns and our clients appreciate having us simplify their logistics. If you are one of the businesses experiencing an uptick in your e-commerce because of the pandemic, let’s discuss what adding rework options to your warehousing services could do for you and your products.

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