Spotlight On: Nutwell Logistics

What makes Borderline a leading warehouse and fulfillment center in North America? We keep it custom.

When potential clients reach out to us, they want to know if our services can be tailored to their business’ operations. Whether we’re working with local businesses in Niagara or global partners, our answer remains the same: Borderline supports each of our clients with their unique project needs. For our client partner Nutwell Logistics, this means using established systems to distribute their products across Canada.

Nutwell Logistics is one of the largest providers of body storage solutions in the world. Originating in the UK, Nutwell Logistics’ services are now available in North America with an office in Toronto. The company’s expansion into Canada requires having a reliable storage space where products can be shipped to various locations including hospitals. 

As their Canadian warehouse provider, Borderline works closely with Nutwell Logistics to complement their existing operations. Nutwell Logistics has effective systems already in place and partners with us to ship their products to clients; this also includes shipping from Borderline’s warehouse to locations across the USA.

Our inventory control provides real-time tracking that enables the company to monitor each product’s movement and location. This reporting keeps Nutwell Logistics’ systems operating efficiently and prevents any delays or shortages when fulfilling product orders.

Our Borderline team is proud to partner with Nutwell Logistics as the company continues to expand its offerings across the world. 

We know there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to meeting the needs of each business, which is why we offer customizable warehousing, fulfillment and shipping solutions.

With more than 60 years of experience, our expertise makes us an asset to new and established businesses alike. We can work with your business to set up a full system from start to finish, or support your existing systems to ensure that your business continues to reach customers effectively.

We also offer contract packaging and assembly services to reduce operating costs and increase product sales. 

If you’re looking for a warehousing and fulfillment centre to meet the unique needs of your business, you’ll find your fit at Borderline! 

To learn more about our warehousing, packaging and fulfillment systems, reach us by phone at 905-687-4014, or send us a message through our contact page, HERE.

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